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Heihe University Scholarship

I. Applicant qualifications

The applicants have to be non-Chinese citizens with good health, come to China for studying undergraduate degree, with high school education and excellent marks, whose age can’t exceed 25. As the learners coming here for Chinese language study, they must have a high school diploma, and the applicants especially coming to study in major of Chinese language, their age can’t exceed 35 years old; As an ordinary students who come to study in China, they must have two years’ University study experiences or above, come to study all professional subjects including Chinese, their age can’t be beyond 45 years old:

II. Time of application

From March 1st to April 30th

III. The procedures of application

1. The applicants must apply for the scholarship support through our embassy located in foreign countries (The embassies of few countries located in China are responsible for student enrolling).After approval of the embassy, we will issue the Certificate of Scholarship of Chinese Government with governmental seals to eligible students.

2. Applicants who got the scholarship should contact our University by themselves, and apply for the pre-admission issued by our university.

3. The applicants should access to the online enrollment system of China Scholarship Council to make the registrations, if you had received the letter of admission of our University, you need to choose our university at the time of registration.

4. The applicants need to submit to the Embassy the application materials after printed out, if the letter of preadmission had been received, the letter of preadmission should be submitted together with other materials.

IV. The application materials

The applicants must fill out and submit the following application materials (in duplicate).

1. “The Applications of Chinese Governmental scholarships”(filled in English or Chinese),In principle, the applicants are required to fill and submit the electronic registration information at CSC online enrollment system. After submitting the information, print the Chinese Government Scholarship generated automatically. For those countries that do not have the availability of online enrollment, the applicants may apply for Chinese Government Scholarships from the dispatched organizations or Chinese embassies located in their own countries, and fill out this form;

2. The highest notarized qualification. If applicant is a current student, should also submit the learning proof issued by the school. If the text is not in English or Chinese, it shall be accompanied by a notarized Chinese or English translation;

3. Transcript. If the text is not in English or Chinese, it shall be accompanied by a notarized Chinese or English translation;

4. Plan of study or research. Applicants must submit the study or research plan in written;

5. The applicants should submit relevant legal documents of their custodians in China if their age is under 18;

6. The copies of the “Foreigner Physical Examination Form” (the original documents can be kept by students themselves. This form is printed by the Health and Quarantine Inspection Departments of China, it can be downloaded from the website of CSC). Only students stay in China for more than 6 months are required to be completed in English. The applicants should being checked strictly in accordance with the items of “Foreigner Physical Examination Form”. Incomplete or affixed without applicants’ pictures or picture without being sealed, no doctors and hospitals signed and sealed are invalid. The medical examination results are valid for 6 months; therefore, the applicants need to be checked within a valid time period.

Whether admitted or not, the application materials will not be returned.

V. The accepting departments

The applicants should submit an applications to the dispatch departments of Heihe University or the Chinese embassy (consulate general) located in the host countries within prescribed time.

VI. The time of enrollment

The time is September 2014,subject to the specific time to admission notice.

VII. Choice of Professional

1. Department of Chinese Language and Literature: Chinese Language and Literature, Radio and Television Journalism

2. Department of Economics and Management: International Economy and Trade, Accounting, Logistics Management

3. Department of History and Cultural Tourism: History, Laws, Tourism Management, Humanities Education

4. Department of Education: Educational Technology (Digital Media Technology)

5. Fine Arts Department: Art and Design, Painting

6. Department of Physical Education: Social Sports

7. Department of Physical Chemistry: Chemistry (including Chemical Engineering and Technology), Physics (Optoelectronic Information Science and Engineering), Applied Chemistry (including Chemical Pharmaceutical and Environmental Monitoring and Management), Electronic Information Science and Technology, Bio-Technology, Internet of Things Project

8. Department of Computer Science and Technology: Computer Science and Technology, Computer Science and Technology (Software Engineering), Computer Science and Technology (E-Commerce), Network Engineering, Network Engineering (Communications Engineering), Network Engineering (IOT technology)

9. Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics: Statistics

10. Music Department: Musical Performance (Vocal), Musical Performance (Orchestral), Musical Performance (Dance)

VIII. The standard of Tuitions

1. Full scholarship

● Exempt from registration fee, tuition, laboratory fees, internship, fees for basic learning textbooks and provides free on-campus accommodation;

● Living allowance;

● Provide the placement subsidy for the first time come to China;

● Provide outpatient medical services and the Chinese Government Scholarship Students Medical Insurance;

● One time off inter-city transportation


1. If the scholarship students have extra requirements of experiment or internship, which outside of school teaching program, that cost will be borne by himself.

2. Basic learning textbook: refers to the necessary materials free of charge for designated scholarship students, other materials would be borne by themselves.

3. A monthly living allowance for Scholarship students will be given out by the University to students, the standard is:

● Undergraduate and Chinese language students: 1,400 Yuan / month

● Study in China for one academic year or more, one-time payment of 1,500 Yuan

5. Outpatient medical expenses: The outpatient hospital cost of students at the University infirmary or designated hospital. Students need to pay a certain percentage of the cost for the treatment under the relevant provisions of the school.

6. The Chinese Government Scholarship students’ comprehensive insurance: the comprehensive health insurance coverage by the Chinese Ministry of Education for the scholarship students in China. Mainly cover the cost of hospitalization for serious diseases and accidental injuries of students. Insurance costs will be paid by the University where the scholarship students locate or designated relief agencies in advance, then claim the payment with relevant payment receipts from Insurance companies according to the stipulated insurance articles. The individual claims from students will not be accepted.

7. Off inter-city transportation: When new students come to the University from the city of the port of entry or the city where Chinese language courses (preparatory education) schools located; students from city of Chinese language courses (preparatory education) located to the city where professional colleges located; and hard seat (lying) train ticket of graduates from the city of University located to the port of exit. The meals and over loading baggage costs be borne by the students themselves.

IX. Admission and notification

1. The qualified application materials will be transferred to our University by China Scholarship Council, our University is responsible for issuing the acceptance letter. The applicant does not meet the conditions or requirements which required, the application will be regarded as invalid, and inadmissible.

2. Apply for exemption from abroad for undergraduate studies, and if the students does not meet the requirement level of our University, it is up to the University’s decision about the student category or admitted as conditional admission. If the preparatory courses or extra Chinese lessons are needed before the professional study, the students can only start the professional study after pass the entrance exams during the study of Chinese language or preparatory study.  The undergraduate students, who take the preparatory study and can not pass the exam within the prescribed period, should be closed down as Chinese language students.

3. The applicant may contact our University in advance, if the applicant got the admission letter of University, please attach to the application materials, the students will have the priority for admission by CSC sending the application materials to our University.

4. After approved by the CSC, the applicants had been admitted by our University is eligible for the Chinese government scholarship.

5. In principle, Scholarship students can not change the intake institutions, professional learning and learning period stipulated on "Admission Notice".

6. CSC will send the "Admission List", "Admission Notice" and "Foreign Visa Application Form for Study in China" (JW202 form) to Foreign Students Management Department of our University by April 30th of 2014. The Foreign Students Management Department will pass the above documents to the students.

X. Contacts:

Postal Address: International Admission Office, Foreign Affairs Department, Heihe University

No.1 Xueyuan Road, heihe, Heilongjiang, China.


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